A Novel Solution to Sustainable Living

Translation etc header 2My book display at the Show.

My book display at the Show.

Our stands in action.

Our stands in action.

The (takes deep breath) Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs for the Province of KwaZulu Natal (pant, pant) organised – very well, I may say – a Sustainable Living Festival, Exhibition and Indigenous Plant Fair 2014.  I adopted a dual role, I was helping to man the Durban and Coast Horticultural Society stand, featuring displays of floral art, compost-making, propagation, and Power Point presentations of prime gardens etc.  

I also had some of my novels and those of other authors from the same stable on display. This aspect was disappointing in that it demonstrated that people tend to target what they have come for at shows, and to ignore the unexpected. Many thousands of people visited; eyes roved everywhere except in the direction of the books.

The Exhibition was held over Friday, Saturday and Sunday up until 17h00, after which a large group of exhausted exhibitors had to start packing away and clearing out.  

After that I was officially more bushed than the Amazon Forest. 

Anyway, it was a good show providing many highly interesting learning opportunities – some we gave, but many we received.  From the Society’s point of view, a highly successful enterprise demonstrating great teamwork and imagination.

©  Leslie Hyla Winton Noble September 2014; Revised from my Colonialist post August 2014 (WordPress)

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