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Darx Circle Really Awfully Delayed

This should have appeared first here, and been reblogged on the other site. Anyway, here it is …

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To watch an acorn germinate
Far more excitement would create
Than waiting for Darx Circle to appear;
The fates, though, have dictated that
Time and again it’s been dropped flat,
For it has been a Really Awful Year.

But things are on the move again,
Beyond the struggles, pain and strain,
For which I have unarguable proof:
With readers now proof copies rest,
And if it passes every test,
It will appear, and that’s the simple troof!

One wonders if some authors lose
The thrill that comes to each one whose
First copy of the latest comes to hand?
For those who don’t ‘dip pen in ink’
To write a novel, I would think
This may be hard for you to understand.

Darx Circle Proof Top View

Darx Circle Proof front


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