Finally Darx Emerges into Lightz!

Darx Circle has been the most difficult birth of a novel I have yet encountered. It was all-but ready for publication (or so I thought) when I made up the first proof in May, 2015. Then came all manner of circumstances to delay it yet further. I must say, though, that in the process it was given time to undergo some extra improvements and have a few subtle touches included. I truly believe that the novel is better now than it would have been if issued at that time.

At last have come the first professional proofs. I simply have to attend to a few more elements, and the South African printed version will be ready to go. While adjustment takes place regarding the tragic events affecting my publishers, I will be handling initial orders personally. A comment on this blog can start the ball rolling.

Overseas and e-book versions will be issued shortly — Amazon, Kindle, etc.

In due course, hopefully, it will again be under the P’kaboo Publishers umbrella.

© July 2017 Leslie Hyla Winton Noble



6 thoughts on “Finally Darx Emerges into Lightz!

  1. colonialist Post author

    I finally did the layout and formatting myself. The proofs and any further copies are being most professionally printed and bound by a Durban firm which will probably be used henceforward for a ‘DIY Amazon-type’ POD operation for orders from SA
    I now want to test Tabika as an illustrated novel, and have just redone the cover.

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  2. gipsika

    Reblogged this on the red ant and commented:
    Darx Circle is ready to be ordered! Get your copy now before they expire! 🙂

    Anyone who has read LHW Noble’s “Regina” and “Forest Circle Quest” and loved them as much as we did, is in for a treat! Darx Circle is a youth fantasy novel of note, a fine blend of breath-stopping adventure and teenage angst.

    P’kaboo wants to thank our author/editor Les Noble for his immense tenacity and for taking on the task of the first distribution.


    1. colonialist Post author

      Thank you. As things turned out, I am glad there was the considerable delay. The final input was invaluable, and even after that some further improvements crept in.



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