A Prints-ly Feeling

At last I have not just proofs, but my own supply of the latest P’kaboo prints for Tabika and Tabika Two, and the proper ones for Darx Circle. I am thrilled with the quality.

Strange that the excitement remains the same for the tenth book as it was for the first. Fingering through the pristine copies is like holding one’s own newborn child. The feeling comes through that it doesn’t really matter all that much if no interest arises, or if they become runaway best sellers. At that moment all that matters is that they exist — something that wasn’t there before is now a reality arising from one’s efforts. This even holds good for revisions/reprints where one knows that the result is now even better than before.

It is time Rufus appeared here as well as in Colonialist’s blog.

© October 2017 Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

4 thoughts on “A Prints-ly Feeling

  1. disperser

    It will be interesting comparing the feeling (if I ever get there) to me holding an electronic reader and seeing one of my stories on it.

    Somehow, I don’t think it will compare. In fact, I don’t think it will be much different from seeing my stories on my blog.

    Best of luck with the reprints.

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    1. LordBeariOfBow

      Cheer-up ej, you sound very defeatist, I know you’re not British, with that backs to the wall spirit, but chin up and press on regardless, think of yourself as one of J.C’s fine soldiers, That’s Julius Ceaser not that other bloke with the same initials.


    2. disperser

      *sigh* . . . it seems I can’t say anything without someone assuming I mean something else.

      I’m not defeatist, and I like to look where I’m walking so my chin will remain put, and I certainly plan to keep doing what I do (annoy people).

      But, thanks for the pep talk.



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