With My Mother, in a Ship, on a Trip, Another!

The whole family went to see the film last night. We had heard from young R’s godfather in England that when he saw the show shortly after the movie opened the audience clapped at the end. I found it hard to imagine a staid British audience doing such a thing after a movie. Well, it happened again, here. Never mind what critics may bleat about the movie; audiences love it.  Younger children may tend to become a bit bored, but for all teenagers and beyond it is ideal.
Be warned, though. It is awfully confusing to someone who hasn’t seen the first one, and even then if one doesn’t realise that the film is made up of jumps in time between the original young Meryl Streep character Donna (played by Amanda Seyfried) and her now-grown-up daughter Sophie (Lily James). These two are similar enough for one at first to think it is the same person in different scenes, and later to think they are sisters or something in different places. IF one goes to see the film fully prepared for jumps from past to present and back again it will be so less confusing and more enjoyable!
The two main characters are, both of them, stunning and charming and sing really well. The scenery is beautiful, the dances are spectacular, the Abba songs remain timeless,  and the entertainment is there in great quantities.
As my first big screen movie in nearly ten years, as far as I can recall, it was definitely worth the effort of driving across to far reaches of the Berea. It almost eclipsed that moon eclipse for which we had clear skies and perfect views. Pity I lack the photographic equipment to have captured that.

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7 thoughts on “With My Mother, in a Ship, on a Trip, Another!

  1. Debra

    I actually was “coerced” into seeing the movie, but went along with a friend and was so surprised that our audience also broke into applause. I think it was a good escape for a couple of hours and I really enjoyed the nostalgia of the original cast…new members were good as well. I just couldn’t believe there was another possible incarnation of this story! It surprised me that I enjoyed the movie as much as I did! Glad you had a cinema experience after so much time!


    1. colonialist Post author

      It is most definitely a ‘feel good’ movie, as was the first. I have been trying to think of any other movies where spontaneous applause has been generated. Can’t think of any, even when the viewers have been visibly affected.


  2. Sue W

    My seat was luxurious and the leg room was perfect but all I wanted was to be curled up on the sofa and watching the film in the comfort of my own home. So I gave up on cinemas, I am happy to wait for the film to be released on Sky or wherever.

    I am told it’s now the norm for cinema audiences to applaud when a film is enjoyed!
    Personally, seeing as the actors aren’t taking a bow I don’t see the point!

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    1. colonialist Post author

      I do agree. Maybe the projectionist should take the bow, although it isn’t like in the really old days when it was a major triumph for a film to run all the way through without some hitch needing a splice or something.

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  3. kevin cooper

    My wife and I were so excited when this came out. Went to see it, bought the dvd. Having watched the first one about a dozen times we still have to catch up with this one. Sad? Maybe. But its a gleeful kinda sad… Bum-bum! 😀



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