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A reversal of my previous action in posting here and reblogging under Colonialist. More correct, perhaps, because this is not a book I have authored personally. I am acting as an agent for P’kaboo in publishing locally.

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Towards the end of last year I was involved in looking at the proofs of ‘Split Decision’ as I mentioned at the time.  The water running under that bridge ran into a few obstructions, and it is only this week that the flow has been completely cleared.

Thus, South African readers now have the pleasure of knowing that prints in this country are live and running.

In the latest review (one by UK radio, TV and sports personality Jack Woodward) it says,  ‘In fact, reading Split Decision is the best decision you can make.’ Just what I stated last year! So what are you waiting for?

In the interests of public health and safety, though, I am wondering whether to include a complimentary box of tranquilizers with each copy, bearing the instruction ‘TAKE TWO BEFORE OPENING COVER’. Nerves, heartbeat and fingernails  all tend to take a hammering.

Survivors do…

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Maybe Late or Early


I think this post fits my blog for ‘creative’ stuff …

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In May last year I sketched the outline of a melody as a piano piece, and promptly forgot about it.  However something has got me into music mode over the past couple of weeks, starting with rediscovering that wonderful Elgar symphony No 3, so brilliantly constructed from his sketches by Anthony Payne.  I am so glad Elgar’s dying wishes, to have the sketches burnt, were disregarded.  What a loss if that glorious piece hadn’t surfaced.

Here is the link, for anyone interested.

Anyway, as soon as I found my little snatch I wanted to complete it.  After having done so I traced a few pleasing pictures from that time frame, and the result is here …

Now I need to go back to my much-neglected trio with only one movement to date.

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Battling Piracy of Your Books and Stealing Royalties

Something all writers need to be aware of. A watchful eye and a quick response to get the sites of the pathetic putrefying pirates squashed almost as soon as they happen should send them scurrying back to their sewers at speed.


Pirares This is a warning to ALL authors out there, whether you are traditionally or self published. BEWARE of unscrupulous people pirating your hard work and stealing your well deserved royalties by stealing your books and e-pubs and turning around and hawking them on such sites as EBay, Youtube and other sites.

As I was meandering around the internet the other night I happened to look at my own book trailers on You Tube to see how they were fairing. Much to my chagrin under the title “Curse of The Salute” I saw where someone was advertising on You Tube a link to my and other e-pubs for people to go there and receive copies of said books. Needles to say I was quite UPSET.

A little further research, by googling titles of my books revealed on google other sites such as EBay and other links offering not only printed versions…

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Darx Circle Really Awfully Delayed

This should have appeared first here, and been reblogged on the other site. Anyway, here it is …

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To watch an acorn germinate
Far more excitement would create
Than waiting for Darx Circle to appear;
The fates, though, have dictated that
Time and again it’s been dropped flat,
For it has been a Really Awful Year.

But things are on the move again,
Beyond the struggles, pain and strain,
For which I have unarguable proof:
With readers now proof copies rest,
And if it passes every test,
It will appear, and that’s the simple troof!

One wonders if some authors lose
The thrill that comes to each one whose
First copy of the latest comes to hand?
For those who don’t ‘dip pen in ink’
To write a novel, I would think
This may be hard for you to understand.

Darx Circle Proof Top View

Darx Circle Proof front


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Leslie Noble – a professional editor for your manuscript

Bookseeker Literary Agency

Les 3P’kaboo Publishers make it a principle not to publish an un-edited manuscript, and Les Noble is their chief editor. Since his schooldays, Les has had an interest and a skill in language, and at the University of South Africa he gained a BA with English and Communication as majors. Apart from a career in banking, he has been a freelance writer for various publications, a part-time lecturer at three colleges, and is the author of five published fantasy novels with one more on the way. His novels have been acquired by libraries and universities, and one of them is featured in the Journal of Commonwealth Literature.

Les also makes his editorial services available to writers independently of P’kaboo. So what could he offer you? In his own words:

I can offer fully professional services in proofreading (highlighting of errors for correction by the writer), copyediting (effecting corrections with the option…

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A Cover Story

It is time I devoted a blog to promotion of my writing etc.

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Full Darx Circle Cover (with Darxd and border linked) 210514

     Here is the provisional cover I have evolved for my latest epic, Darx Circle, undergoing final edit. Of course, by modern design standards it is far too ‘fussy’ and completely out of vogue. The publishers will almost certainly impose a different version. Sad, because this is the style I like, and which attracts me.
      Compare some of the evolutions of the covers for Terry Pratchett fantasies:

Mort Old

Mort German

Mort New

     I loved all that was ‘happening’ on the originals. To me the simplified versions don’t have quite the same appeal. What do you think?

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